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Tanned Sheepskin: Suffolk-Hampshire

Tanned Sheepskin: Suffolk-Hampshire


This pelt is from a Suffolk-Hamp cross wether we bought as a lamb, curious about how that breed mix would do in our grazing system. We're not exactly sure what happened to the pelt at the tannery, but it didn't come back quite as expected! The wool that is present is dense, with multiple areas showing some really nice crimp and loft. The leather tanned very nicely and is smooth and flexible, especially in the areas with less wool. The pelt would be an excellent source of either leather or wool, could be used for a project requiring sheepskin lining, or used in leather art (the brown color variation on the legs and sides is quite beautiful!)


The staple length is between 1 and 2".


There are some larger holes along the thin-skinned sides (see pictures), and two near the shoulders, but the majority of the leather is blemish-free.


Dimensions (at maximum): 39" x 22"

Weight: 2.0 lbs


Alum tanned at a US commercial tannery.

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