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Grassfed, grass-finished lamb from the Flathead Valley

What makes our grass-finished lamb so special?

We'd love to tell you!

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It tastes really darn good.

Tender. The best meat I've ever eaten. Mild tasting. Juicy. Flavorful. Amazing.

These are just some of the things we've heard from customers, friends and family about our meat. We have even converted some non-lamb eaters into true believers after serving them our lamb! Being raised on pasture on a diverse mix of grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees lends a complexity of flavor to our lamb that is hard to match in grain- and feedlot-finished animals. From the time they are born until the time they are harvested, our active lambs build strong muscles as they navigate pasture and woodlot areas.  This well-developed muscle contributes to a deeply layered flavor profile in the meat, which still maintains an overall mild taste that surprises many people with how little it tastes like the lamb they have eaten in the past.  We also think that our clean Montana mountain air and clean water might not hurt, either!

Raised locally.


Our farm is located near the confluence of the Flathead and Swan valleys of northwestern Montana. Our family lives here, works here, and plays here.

Our lambs arrive in March and April, as the last winter snows are headed out and the abundance of spring is beginning. They are born on our property near Bigfork, then once the grazing season begins they find their way to pastures across the Valley, grazing some of our leased land or else working hard at weed control and improving soil health on land we're contracted to graze. On any given day you may find our sheep on pasture anywhere from Ferndale to Columbia Falls! We are invested in our community and in the stewardship of the lands we graze, and we actively give back to the community through both financial financial support and donations of lamb to local organizations working to make northwestern Montana a better place for everyone.

Raised Naturally and on Grass.

It is important to us that our sheep (and all of our animals) are managed in a way that allows them to thrive without the support of or need for supplemental growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, routine chemical de-wormers, or concentrated, processed feeds. This starts with keeping them on grass and grazing from May to December every year. The sheep are moved every two to three days, giving them a fresh selection of grasses and forbs and preventing both over-grazing and the build-up of manure in any one area. These frequent rotations allow the land and vegetation time to recover before the sheep return to graze again, and help control parasites that can flourish when sheep are left in one area too long. We NEVER administer sub-therapeutic antibiotics, and we NEVER use implants or other forms of supplemental growth hormones to increase growth rates. Chemical de-wormer is used only when we have exhausted all other options for parasite control within the flock or for a particular animal, and only when absolutely necessary. Because of the continually escalating problem of parasite resistance due to regular and unnecessary de-worming in livestock, we do not de-worm based on a set schedule as a preventative, only in response to identified and confirmed cases.

Processed Locally.

We are grateful for the local meat processors in the Flathead Valley and the incredible lengths they go to in order to ensure our communities have a safe and accessible source of local meat available all year long. We work with Lower Valley Processing in Kalispell for both our whole/half lamb orders and for processing and packaging of our retail cuts. Their services and their expertise are part of what helps to make our business possible; we literally could not do this without them!

Raised With a Purpose.

We raise livestock on grass (and their livestock guardian dog companions) because it brings us immense joy and we consider it our calling and life passion. But we also do it because we believe that communities need a wide range of food sources to call their own, farms and ranches where they are welcome to visit and talk with the farmers and ranchers and see how their food is raised and grown. Not only is a thriving local food network essential for food security, but it also promotes community and helps build the important connections that make a community strong, vibrant and resilient. We also believe in the importance of continuing the long history of agriculture in the Flathead Valley, and in protecting the land base used for farming and ranching while it is under the immense threat of being converted to new subdivisions or subdivided into smaller parcels. Each farm business that is successful here helps to continue that legacy and keep farming a viable way of life in northwestern Montana. Finally, we are all stewards of the land we own and manage, and it is our goal to leave the land under our stewardship better than we found it when we started. The strategic use of grazing management and grazing livestock to protect and improve (regenerate!) soil and pasture/grassland ecosystems is one of our core values and farm business goals.


Bigfork, MT 59911


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