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Livestock Guardians for Sale


Pictures below (current as of 11/1/23) are of pups still available from Amerie and Boaz's 8/27/23 litter. Please contact us for more information on individual puppies' personalities, strengths and suitability for your family and particular guarding situation. We feel strongly about matching our dogs with homes that will be the best long-term fit, and want everyone involved to be successful and overjoyed with the partnership. Thus we work very hard before a sale even takes place to make sure it's a great match.

If you are not local to the NW Montana area and are unable to meet the puppies in person, we are happy to work with you at a distance to find a puppy that is perfect for your family. We can also help provide transport in the Pacific NW region.

Please contact us for pricing information.

Why should you get
your LGD from RRR?


We have been raising livestock guardian dogs for nearly a decade and have seen four litters of puppies through to weaning. We have trained numerous young dogs with goats, sheep and chickens in a range of learning environments and physical locations. We know what to look for in a potential guardian and how to best match them with a family and work environment that suits their personality.


Our pups are born and raised in close proximity to the livestock and/or poultry they will be guarding. We work with them to teach them to respect fences and electric netting from a young age. Their earliest teacher is their mom, with other more experienced guardians serving as mentors after weaning. They are loved on and handled by us, our kids, and visitors to make sure they are well-socialized and comfortable meeting a wide range of people.


Pups are introduced to solid food with homemade meals consisting of cooked grains (rice, polenta, millet, etc.), raw eggs from our free-range chickens, and meat and bones, using locally-sourced beef and our own grassfed lamb as much as possible. As they grow we incorporate Fromm puppy food into their diet while continuing to feed whole foods, meat, and meaty bones as much as possible.


We're here to help! If you have questions about whether or not one of our dogs will be a good fit for you, we'll give you honest answers and feedback. We don't want to just sell puppies, we want to facilitate lasting partnerships and bonds between dogs and owners so that both are successful. If you buy a dog from us, we are here to answer questions and troubleshoot whenever you need assistance.


We value our customers immensely, whether they are buying our eggs, our grassfed lamb, or a puppy. We maintain the same high level of accountability and transparency regardless of the product or service we are providing.

Our pups are always given a full examination by our vet when they receive their first set of shots and any potential issues would be disclosed to a potential buyer.

Buying a puppy-especially one that will eventually  guard your livestock, your property, or your family-is a big decision. We strive to be a trusted source of information and LGD's for you and your family.


Portrait of a Litter: Amerie x Boaz Puppies
from January, 2022

This litter of puppies was born on 1/27/22. This is the second litter out of Boaz and Amerie (see our LGD page for more info on parents). Pups from both litters have found phenomenal success as livestock guardians, property guardians and family companions. We left this short photo diary up on the website to provide some more insight into the puppy development timeline and how we feed, raise and train pups.

Whelping and Early Learning Environment (0-2 weeks)


Whelping takes place in one of our home pastures in a dedicated puppy-rearing enclosure that has shelter, heat and additional fencing to increase security for mom and pups while they are most vulnerable in the early postpartum period. From their earliest days pups are exposed to their mom's guarding behaviors and sounds and are in close proximity to sheep, chickens, and other dogs.  At this young age (until two weeks old) they spend all of their days sleeping and nursing. They are an undulating pile of warm furry bodies constantly jockeying for the best position near one another and near mom.


2-4 Weeks: Eyes Open and Starting to Explore

This is such an exciting time in the life of a puppy! After waiting for what feels like forever, eyes start to open and their little legs start to work. No longer do they belly-crawl everywhere, they are actually walking, tumbling around and roughhousing with each other. They are already growling and barking when someone or something new or out-of-place catches their attention, and personalities are starting to emerge. We can start to pick out the more dominant pups, the ones who like to hang back and watch quietly, and the ones who love attention and petting and snuggling. It's been very cold here, so they have stayed cozy in their shelter with a warming lamp, but as it starts to warm up we'll let them out into the play yard to explore a larger territory and to experience snow for the first time!


4-6 Weeks: solid food, increasing independence and curiosity

The past two weeks were a whirlwind of growth and change! Fur is growing rapidly, personalities continue to develop, and the puppies are SO curious about everything. The sheep, the chickens, other dogs, human visitors--it is all new and exciting! I think the sheep and chickens are equally as enthralled with them; there is a lot of staring that takes place through the fence. The puppies were introduced to solid food in the past week and are loving it (well, most of it!) They are getting a homemade diet of whole foods, including grains (rice, polenta, oats); meat (ground beef, our own grass-finished lamb, chicken); fresh eggs from our pastured flock; lentils and other supplements. Lentils are definitely NOT their favorite! In the coming week we will continue to expand their palates and introduce different types of raw meaty bones for them to enjoy.  We are loving every minute we have with them, knowing how quickly each stage passes at this point.


We want to hear from you!   Call or text:

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