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Whole Lamb Deposit

Whole Lamb Deposit


**2022 Whole/Half Lamb Update** We currently have just a couple of lambs left for whole or half lamb orders for this year. If you are interested in this option, please make your reservation prior to 12/24! Our final processing date is 12/27/22.


2022 lambs are $10/lb, based on the hanging weight of the animal.


Our lambs typically have hanging weights between 30 and 50 pounds, with a few closer to 60 or 65 pounds (our Rambouillet-Suffolk crosses). You will be invoiced after we receive the hanging weight of your lamb, with the balance due (minus your deposit) prior to pick up.


All processing is done at Lower Valley Processing, a state-inspected facility in Kalispell, and pick up is either at Lower Valley or at the farm.


2022 processing fees (due to Lower Valley at time of pick up) are $120 for a whole lamb and $60 for a half lamb. This fee is in addition to the per pound cost of the lamb.


Once we receive your order we will be in touch with additional information and instructions for completing cutting orders!

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